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About us

Formed originally by Ian Curnow to look after his music business activities, eemusic has now grown into a small talented team focusing their industry experience on discovering new studio talent and developing new artists, along with continuing to maintain Ian’s musical projects.  Working predominantly out of Strongroom Studios in London, eemusic is a production house and a publishing and management company, looking after the ideas of a select roster of new and emerging studio talent and recording artists.

We're very excited to be exclusively representing production team DARKSTARS and talented new songwriter and producer DAVID SIMON, along with exciting new artists ELI ANNINA, ANDIE, BAILEY, and JACK ROBERTSON.

In addition, eemusic can provide a range of professional music production, recording and writing services.  Everything from full record production, demo production, remixes, songwriting assistance or even recording your vocals onto an existing track for you.  All done in a professional London recording studio under the watchful eye of a multi platinum selling record producer with a string of international hit records to his name.

Please feel free to contact us if we can help, or if you think you might have a talent that we ought to know about. 

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